CTE research results in new VivaBrain

Part of our research regarding CTE was to find herbs, that reverse the process of immunoexcitotoxicity and support the regeneration of nerve cells. These plants have been integrated in the new VivaBrain. All our findings are PubMed studies based.


New Frequency Chord for CTE and Immunoexitotoxicity

We used neurotransmitters that are released during immunoexcitotoxicity, as well as modulators of cell receptors for these neurotransmitters and remedies we found research to suppress the release of these neurotransmitters as ground substances for the frequency chord "Immunoexcitotoxicity". We use this frequency chord since November


CTE and Immunoexcitotoxicity

With our latest patient, suffering from neurological symptoms and behavioural changes after a physical head trauma, I started to research in PubMed to better understand, what happens in the brain after such an impact. It was the night from Thursday to Friday - research from 8pm