Medzin Reloaded

In 2021, 60 percent of adults in the U.S. were diagnosed with a chronic or autolmmune disease. This does not include patients with diffuse symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, cognitive problems or unclear pain and inflammation. At the same time, patients are getting younger and younger. The common denominator is a dysregulation of the immune system.


This is the starting point for a new model of the immune system, genetics, evolution and consciousness, which can explain the causes of chronic diseases and offer possible solutions.


On the basis of the ImmunSymblose, a medicine is emerging In a new light – Medicine Reloaded. Dabel, the previously neglected learning ability of our stem cells plays a decisive role. They select information according to new or known, not according to friend or foe, map the outside world in us like a hologram and determine our immune reactions.


With Medicine Reloaded I would like to invite you to take a new look at the symbiotic interaction between humans and microbes: According to this, an infection would not be a fight of the organism against a microbe, but exactly the opposite – the integration of the microbe into the immune system for the regulation and further development of our organism. Only the missing or faulty integration of a microbe becomes the trigger of chronic symptoms or cancer.


As always, my thoughts are backed up with scientific studies and yet, I hope, are presented in a way that is understandable not only to medically educated readers, but to anyone who is interested.


Therapy suggestions include the background and application of complex and frequency chords as I use them in my practice.

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ISBN: 978-3-9819157-3-0

Publisher: SophiaMed
Publication date: 25.06.2023
389 Pages, Hard Cover
Price: € 45.-

Table of Contents (translated)


1 Preface 17

2 How to read this book 26


Part I Doubts about the conventional model 31

3 Microbes as pathogens? 31

4 What if we were wrong all along? 39


Part II Health in the new model 51

5 Immune System Reloaded 51

6 What is ImmunSymbiosis 58

7 Piece of the Proteome Overlap Puzzle 68

8 Trained Immunity TRIM 77

9 Immune System Reloaded 93

10 Genetics Reloaded 117

11 Evolution Reloaded 147

12 Connection to the outside world 164

13 Structure of the Immune System Reloaded 210

14 Modules of the Immune System Reloaded 215

15 Immunoglobulins – Antibodies Reloaded 245

16 Immune System versus Nervous System 292

17 Consciousness Reloaded 307

18 A Chapter on Relaxation 319






PART III Disease in the new model 323

19 Trained immunity and disease 323

20 Disorders of trained immunity 336


Part VI Diagnosis in the new model 371

21 Medical history 371

22 Interpretation of laboratory findings 378


Part V Treatment in the new model 399

23 Homeopathy 399

24 Frequency and complex chords 408

25 Herbal extract mixtures 424

26 Regeneration of stem cells 426

27 Case study 453

28 After the book is before the book 481



The contents of these pages are not medical statements. Diagnosis and therapy of diseases and other physical disorders require treatment by physicians or alternative practitioners. The information on these pages is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. The risk of incorrect diagnosis or treatment can only be reduced by consulting a physician or alternative practitioner.


Like any science, medicine is subject to constant development. Research and clinical experience expand our knowledge, especially with regard to treatment and drug therapy. As far as on these pages an application, dosage or a certain medical or nutritional therapeutic procedure is mentioned, no guarantee can be given.


Every user is urged to carefully check and, if necessary, consult an expert as to whether the recommendations and guideline values given are applicable in the specific case. Any dosage, application or therapy is at the user’s own risk.

Why we strongly advise against self-treatment


One of the special strengths of this medicine lies in the individual treatment of each patient. The remedies, their dosage, their combinability with other remedies and the duration of intake are precisely determined by means of ART testing. In this way, you will receive the best possible care, and in case of irritation or adverse reactions, corrections and adjustments will be made. This kind of control a patient – even with some basic knowledge – cannot do for himself! The way via a trained therapist leads you faster and more reliably and without costly mistakes to your goal, namely to become healthy again.