The Book “ImmunSymbiose”

ImmunSymbiosis – The Book

Already in our first joint book “The Biological Treatment of Lyme Disease” we describe the modulation of the immune system as a crucial step in the treatment of chronic diseases.

With this book, we extend the concept of the immune system to a complex, highly developed and highly organized interaction between microorganisms and the body’s own cells: the ImmunSymbiosis.

Both the human and microbial parts work hand in hand to not only cope with traumas, conflicts and demanding environmental stresses together, but to use them for further development.

What destroyed this symbiosis over the last 150 years? What aspects of ImmunSymbiosis are we already finding in scientific studies?

We describe ways how we can regenerate our microbiome, how we can improve the dialogue between microbiome and immune system again, how even non-integrated microbes can quickly learn to become productive parts of our microbiome that work symbiotically – how we can restore ImmunSymbiosis and live.

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ISBN: 978-3-989157-0-9

Publisher: SophiaMed
Publication date: 26.10.2017
384 Pages, Hard Cover
Price: € 79.-



The contents of these pages are not medical statements. Diagnosis and therapy of diseases and other physical disorders require treatment by physicians or alternative practitioners. The information on these pages is for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. The risk of incorrect diagnosis or treatment can only be reduced by consulting a physician or alternative practitioner.


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Why we strongly advise against self-treatment


One of the special strengths of this medicine lies in the individual treatment of each patient. The remedies, their dosage, their combinability with other remedies and the duration of intake are precisely determined by means of ART testing. In this way, you will receive the best possible care, and in case of irritation or adverse reactions, corrections and adjustments will be made. This kind of control a patient – even with some basic knowledge – cannot do for himself! The way via a trained therapist leads you faster and more reliably and without costly mistakes to your goal, namely to become healthy again.